Benefits of Hiring a Professional Dog Trainer

Adopting a dog or puppy is an exciting and fun experience. It will be a joyous event when you bring your new furry pet home! Before adopting a new pet, you will need to research different dog breeds, how to take care of a dog, and what dog supplies you need to buy. Once you …

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Top Dog Training Methods by Professional Dog Trainers

Dogs are wonderful companions and are among the most popular pets to own. Their excited and bubbly personalities can win over anyone they encounter. It’s a given that dogs also have an abundant amount of energy. Sometimes this can lead to the dog being rambunctious and not obeying commands from their owner. Training your dog …

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How to Make Your Dog’s Holiday Special

Did you recently just bring a new puppy into the family or have you been taking care of your loyal dog for a while? Either way, it can be nice to make the holiday special not just for you but your pet too! No matter what holiday you are celebrating this upcoming season, your dog …

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Declawing your cat has it’s pro’s & con’s. What is the process & why are so many people opposed to it?

Let start by discussing some of the reasons why people feel they need to declaw their cats. For starters, maybe you have children that are on the younger side & they don’t quite understand the proper way to treat animals. The kids will tend to torment the cat by say pulling their tail, ears or …

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