Bringing Home a New Dog: What To Do

It’s not nearly as stressful as taking a newborn baby home. But bringing a new puppy home, or even a dog will require a bit of work from you on your own end. And we’re not just talking about making sure that you have dog food, food and drinking bowls, and a bed for them to sleep in. When you’re bringing home a furbaby you’re essentially bringing home a new member of your family. And because of this, you’ll have to make every possible accommodation you can make to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But if you’re one who’s unsure of what to do when bringing home a new dog, don’t worry. Continue reading below to learn what you should do when bringing a new furbaby home.

What to do When Bringing Home a New Dog

While it may sound a little stressful, you may be surprised to find that there isn’t really a whole lot that goes into preparing for your new dog’s arrival. In fact, there are essentially only four steps you need to be mindful of:

Prepare Supplies

Of course, you always want to ensure that you have the bare essentials such as dog food, food and drinking bowls, and a doggy bed along with a place in the house for them to sleep. But as mentioned above, you want to be able to provide your dog with more than just that.

When you bring your dog or puppy home, make sure that you have already purchased a collar and a leash. Your dog will require exercise from time-to-time and you’ll need to give them the occasional walk when they require it. Moreover, ensure that you also purchase a tag with their name on it as well as an address and a phone number in the unfortunate event that you lose your dog.

Establish House Rules

If you have any human occupants in your home, other than yourself, plan out a pet-care regimen in advance with the other members of your household. Some dog-care steps as well as rules you should implement involve who should walk the dog first in the morning, who will feed them, if they’re allowed on the couch, and if there are certain rooms where they’re not allowed to enter.

Prepare For Arrival

When you’re planning for your dog’s arrival, try to plan it for the weekend or for days of the week when you will be staying home. You want to get to know your dog right away and vice versa. Not being home with your new dog for the first time won’t allow them to engage with you and bond. So make sure you spend as much quality time as you can together. And don’t forget the jealousy factor;  if you have other pets in your home, make sure you give them as much equal attention.

Get Ready For Housetraining

Whether you’re bringing home a puppy or a new dog, always assume that your new dog isn’t housetrained. If you’re adopting a pet, most adoption centers will provide you with housetraining information. Make sure you are consistent with your housetraining routine.

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