Loud Noises & Your Scared Dog

It’s an unfortunately common scenario for many dog owners. Come around New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July, fireworks are shot off and explode in the sky and your dog is shaking uncontrollably in the corner with their tail between their legs. And if it’s not fireworks, it’s something else such as the honking of cars or the pinging of large cooking pots that accidentally fell on the floor. Whatever the situation that’s taking place, it’s causing your dog tremendous anxiety and you as the owner must be able to care for him or her effectively to ensure that they’re no longer scared. But if you happen to be clueless as to how you can do that, don’t worry. Giving A Dog A Bone is composed of professionals who are qualified to train your dog so that he or she can live their life stress-free in the presence of loud noises.

For some tips on how to train your pet to remain calm in the presence of loud noises, continue reading below.

Calming Your Dog in The Presence of Loud Noises

In order to understand how training your dog to remain calm when surrounded by loud noises works it’s important that you look at what causes your dog to be scared from a scientific standpoint. Generally, loud noises are the stimulant to your dog’s anxiety. At some point in their lives, loud noises became their warning sign for danger, causing them to become anxious when such noises are present. They became conditioned to become fearful and anxious when loud noises occur, so in order to train them properly, you must change their perspective of the stimulant. To do that you must establish for your dog that they’re in a safe setting when they hear loud noises.

Beginning Training

For your dog to learn that they are kept safe in the presence of the stimulant (in this case, loud noises), you must have the stimulant nearby so that they can learn properly.

When starting training, don’t have the stimulant playing at a loud volume. It’s imperative that you take baby steps so that training is performed effectively. Play the stimulant (either from speakers or a TV) at a high volume that isn’t too loud but is enough to cause your pet to be anxious. When you notice that your pet is becoming anxious (e.g. shaking), console them immediately. Consoling them while the stimulant is active will assure them that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Additionally, other than consoling, make sure that you have a positive association with the stimulant. When loud noises are present, present your dog with their favorite toy and/or treat. Doing so will condition your dog to be less anxious when loud noises occur. It may even cause them to be happy when they hear loud noises.

Gradually increase the volume of the stimulant over time to condition your pet to remain calm in the presence of loud noises. In due time, they won’t be phased by the presence of loud noises whatsoever.

Don’t Punish Your Dog During Training

For any training you have your dog undergo, it’s vital that you don’t punish them, especially when it comes to noise phobia training.

Loud noises became a stimulant for your dog’s fear because something bad happened to them when the stimulant was present. If you spank or punish them in any other way when you’re training them to remain calm with loud noises, you’re just defeating the purpose of the training.

While it can be difficult to train a dog, it’s imperative that you remain patient. If you’re finding it difficult to train your dog, don’t hesitate at all in hiring the professionals over at Giving A Dog A Bone. We can help condition your dog to remain calm whenever any sort of loud noises are present.

Need Help Training Your Dog to Remain Calm? Hire Giving A Dog A Bone Today!

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