Rental Policy

  1. All rentals are based on a one day use. Rentals may be picked up the day before and returned the day after at no additional charge. Extended term rental rates are available.
  2. Our rental items are for customer pick up only.
  3. You will be responsible to loading, unloading, and providing all necessary materials to secure the rental items in your vehicle. If we are able, we will assist you. However, we are not responsible for any damage or injury to you or your vehicle.
  4. Customer must also arrive in adequate transportation depending on items rented. If you are unsure, please ask. Some items are not allowed to be transported unless an enclosed trailer is used. Damage can also be caused from inadequate room in vehicle. Any damage sustained from improper storage or travel is customer’s responsibility.
  5. Payment in full is due at the time of customer pick up.
  6. Accepted methods of payments are Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
  7. Customers must present valid state identification for all deliveries or when picking up equipment.
  8. Cash or credit card deposit is required for all reservations. We require a 50% non refundable deposit.
  9. Once a reservation is confirmed, no cancellations are allowed without forfeiting a 50% deposit. Cancellations within 48 hours of the pickup or delivery date will forfeit the full cost of the rental.
  10. All rental equipment must be broken down upon drop off in stacks. All china, silver, utensils, etc., should be rinsed, food-free, and re-packed in the same containers as picked up. Additional charges will apply for all unreturned boxes and crates, breakage, loss and excessive cleaning. Linens should be dry and free of debris to prevent staining and mildew. Tables and chairs must be folded. Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees.
  11. Damage Waiver – We guarantee rental equipment is in top working condition but we understand that accidents can happen during an event. The damage waiver is a one-time, non-refundable charge to cover the customer against any accidental damage and avoid extra charges. Vandalism, theft, mysterious disappearance or excessive damage is not covered under the damage waiver. The customer has the right to decline the damage waiver but will be held liable for damages that occur – additional charges may apply.
  12. Loss or Damaged – The customer retains full responsibility for rented equipment from the time of pick-up to the time of return. Please be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather. Additional charges will apply for missing, broken, burned or heavily damaged items. China, glassware, etc., will be considered broken if returned chipped. We do not rent china or glassware that is chipped; once it is chipped we discard it. If you discover a chipped or broken item when you unpack your order, please notify us at once so that we can promptly replace the item.
  13. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm and Saturday 9 – 12pm. Closed Sunday