Dog Training

We volunteer at the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League where we help run the weekly obedience class for all outside clients, as well as with the dogs that we have there. Some of the dogs we work with have been abused and/or neglected and require months of rehabilitation. I strongly believe in positive reinforcement training when it comes to training dogs. Dominance training may have its benefits, but it’s not effective when teaching the average dog to be a well-behaved & civilized member of the community. We do not utilize retractable leashes as they are not effective training tools and will lead to worsened behaviors, rather than improved behaviors.

Below you will find a list of the programs that we offer in Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Indian River County.

Basic Training Packages (6 Sessions): $250

Advanced Training Packages (6 Sessions): $400. Note:  As our Advanced Training is reserved for dogs with significant obedience difficulties, there is no guarantee that we can successfully train them within 6 sessions and it may require extended training to overcome any “stuck” behaviors.

The Quick Fix

If your dog is generally well behaved but has two or three things that you would like to work on then the quick fix may be the program for you. Some of the things that we can help you with are listed below. Dogs are naturally rambunctious and have lots of energy as well as a very curious mind. They are active animals that love to sniff out the environment and the people they interact with. Due to their playful personality, dogs may not respond to basic commands.

  • Excessive Barking
  • Leash Pulling
  • Jumping
  • Come When Called
  • Crate Training

The Bare Essentials

If you just brought home a dog and want him to quickly learn some basic commands, then “The Bare Essentials” dog training class is perfect. Teaching your dog basic obedience is the first step to having a dog who is well rounded & adored by the entire community. We here at Giving A Dog A Bone will teach your dog all of the commands listed below. Puppies and adult dogs alike can benefit from learning basic commands in dog training. Not only does learning how to be obedient help canines with their behavior, but dogs benefit from knowing what their boundaries are and how to interact with meeting new people.

  • Watch me
  • Sit
  • Lay Down
  • Come
  • Stay
  • No Pulling!
  • No Jumping!

The Well Mannered Pooch

This class is for dogs that already know basic commands. A dog with good behavior skills not only benefits the dog but you as a dog owner. Your dog or pup is easier to manage when they have well-mannered behavior skills and they generally have a better temperament as a result of dog training. The Well Mannered Pooch could be considered advanced obedience, I will teach your dog all the commands below.

  • Sit @ the door
  • Wait @ the door
  • Leave it!
  • Drop it!
  • Hand Signals
  • Sit

Common Puppy Issues

Puppies are typically excitable and full of joy before reaching adulthood. Their joyous personality is adorable, but curbing their enthusiasm can be a challenge. Puppies are babies and like a human baby, they need time and patience to learn skills. Here are some of the common issues puppies face.

  • Socialization
  • Jumping
  • Housebreaking
  • Play Biting
  • Chewing things that are not food or toys.

Other Dog Problems

The old adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” can influence a dog owner if their dog appears to be incapable of being trained. Not all dogs are the same and some have different experiences than others. Some dogs may have been rescued strays, or have experienced abuse in their upbringing. No matter if your dog has an aggressive temperament or simply doesn’t listen, your dog can successfully be trained. If you are having problems with your dog some of the things that Giving A Dog A Bone can help you with are listed below.

  • Aggressiveness towards people, animals, and inanimate objects.
  • Fear
  • Reactivity
  • Resource Guarding

Dog Training Service Near Me

At Giving a Dog a Bone, we specialize in dog training near me in Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Indian River County. We have experience with many different breeds of canines. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, we can provide the structure and specific training your dog needs.

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