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Dog Training Stuart

Whether you’ve just taken in your dog or brought a new puppy home, you may be trying to figure out how to train your pet. If you need dog training in Stuart, then it can be helpful to turn to professionals that know how to train dogs best. Giving a Dog a Bone has a team of the best individuals for dog training.

Best Dog Trainer in Stuart

If you have your first dog, then you may be clueless as to where to begin when it comes to dog training in Stuart. Dog trainers like the qualified team members from Giving a Dog a Bone know how to handle different breeds of dogs and train them accordingly. Giving a Dog a Bone has team members with the necessary credentials for dog training and the most professional but friendly attitudes for handling your dogs.

Qualifications for Dog Training in Stuart

The best dog trainers in Stuart not only have experience with pets but should also have obtained certifications in case of an emergency. Joe Butler holds a certification in Pet First Aid & CPR from PetTech and Victoria Butler is certified Pet First Aid and CPR from Harmony Animal Hospital. Having these credentials is important because it shows that both members of Giving A Dog A Bone have learned pertinent information for the field they work in. Having qualified individuals for dog training in Stuart proves to be beneficial because you can trust that the professionals know what they are doing and how to handle animals best.

Characteristics of the Best Dog Trainers in Stuart

Both members from Giving a Dog a Bone have a love for animals, so you can rest assured that your dog training in Stuart will be from compassionate and considerate individuals. It can ease your mind when you leave your dogs to be trained by people who love animals because you can trust that they will treat your dogs the way you would!

Our Dog Training Programs

We offer various training program packages that all depend on what training you want for your dog. Each package caters to the specific needs of your dog. And with each one, we attempt to target certain behaviors your pet has to either promote or discourage it in order to make your dog a well-mannered animal. Below are the packages we offer:

The Quick Fix

If, for the most part, your dog is well-behaved but has two or three problems that you would like for us to work on, Then our Quick Fix might be the best package for you. Dogs are naturally rowdy, energetic animals and tend to have a very curious mind. They’re active and love to sniff out the environment and interact with a lot of people. And due to their playful personality, they may not respond to basic commands. Some issues that we can adjust for your dog with this package include:

  • Coming to You When Called
  • Crate Training
  • Excessive Barking
  • Leash Pulling
  • Jumping

The Bare Essentials

If you’ve recently become a new a dog owner and need to teach some basic commands for your pet, then you’ll need The Bare Essentials program. Basic obedience is the first step to developing a well-rounded and mannered pet whenever you get a new dog. Even if you’re a longtime dog owner, adult dogs can still benefit from learning basic commands in dog training. With basic obedience, not only are dogs being corrected for their behavior, but they also benefit from knowing what their boundaries are and how to interact with meeting new people. We here at Giving A Dog A Bone will teach your dog all of the commands listed below:

  • Come
  • Stay
  • Watch me
  • Sit
  • Lay Down
  • No Pulling!
  • No Jumping!

The Well Mannered Pooch

If your dog already responds correctly by listening to basic commands, then perhaps you might be interested in The Well Mannered Pooch program. A well-behaved dog doesn’t just benefit itself but also you, the owner. Your furbaby is much more easily manageable when they possess well-mannered behavioral skills. The Well Mannered Pooch is considered an advanced obedience program where dogs will be taught commands such as:

  • Leave it!
  • Drop it!
  • Sit at the door
  • Wait at the door
  • Hand Signals
  • Sit

Common Puppy Issues We Can Solve 

Puppies are typically very energetic and rowdy animals before they reach adulthood. Their joyous personality is cute and adorable, but curbing the enthusiasm can pose a challenge. Puppies require time and patience to learn skills, similarly to a human baby. Some common issues puppies pose or face include:

  • Chewing things that are not food or toys
  • Socialization
  • Play Biting
  • Jumping
  • Housebreaking

These are all issues that can be fixed within a matter of time when you hire Giving a Dog a Bone.

Other Dog Problems We Can Fix

There’s a common phrase that goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” And while this is untrue, many owners accept it as it appears to become apparent their dog is incapable of being well-mannered. However, pet training in Stuart can help your dog when it’s adjusted to fit their needs.

All dogs have different experiences and no two are exactly the same. Some dogs may have been rescued strays, or have experienced abuse as they were being raised. This is why only certain training that targets their behavior will prove to be the most beneficial. No matter if your dog has an aggressive temperament or simply doesn’t listen, your dog can successfully be trained. If you are having problems with your dog some of the things that Giving A Dog A Bone can help you with include:

  • Fear
  • Reactivity
  • Aggressiveness towards people, animals, and inanimate objects.
  • Resource Guarding

Seek Help in Stuart from the Best Dog Trainers at Giving A Dog A Bone

Dog training is important so that your dog can learn what is okay and what isn’t. Not to mention, it can be fun to have your dog learn new tricks! Put your trust in the members from Giving a Dog a Bone, who know the best way to train your dog. Ask today about the services from Giving a Dog a Bone for dog training in Stuart by calling (772) 600-8435.

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