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Dog & Pet Services in Martin And Palm Beach County

Dogs and puppies are one of the most popular house pets people can own. They are often full of energy and show lots of love. With their friendly nature, dogs like to run and play all over the backyard and park. With their rambunctious nature, dogs can sometimes struggle appropriately socializing with people and other dogs. Luckily, dogs are able to be trained so they can be obedient at home and in public. Read More…

Dog Training in Martin And Palm Beach County, FL

Here at Giving a Dog a Bone, pets are our passion. We understand dogs are a valuable member of the family and we want to help live a happy life. Dogs require training for a number of reasons. They need to develop social skills so they can behave in public, around people, and other dogs. Additionally, some dogs may show signs of aggression and may need help curbing those issues such as showing teeth, growling, and chewing on furniture. The professional dog trainers at Giving a Dog a Bone, have the knowledge and experience to properly train dogs so they are obedient and behave.

Dog Training Services

Dogs are normally well behaved but there might be a few things you may want them to work on. Their playful personality and curious mind can cause them to not respond to basic commands. A dog training service can help your dog respond to commands and have a generally well-manner temperament. Here are some of the dog training services we offer at Give a Dog a Bone.

  • Dogs learn basic commands such as sit, stay, come
  • Teach dogs to respect boundaries of people and surroundings
  • Socialize with other dogs so they can interact with them properly
  • House and potty training services
  • Settle down dogs with an aggressive temperament

Martin & Palm Beach County Dog Walking Service

Give a Dog a Bone offers dog walking and pet sitting services for the residents of Jupiter, Juno Beach, and Tequesta. We service all of Martin County, and most of Palm Beach County, as far south as West Palm Beach.  Our dog walking service will ensure that your dog receives regular exercise for an active and healthy lifestyle. This helps the dog not only remain physically fit but also helps them get used to being outdoors and experiencing new environments.

Pet Sitting Service

With a generally busy schedule, it can be difficult to provide the attention your dog needs. If dogs are alone for an extended period of time, they can exhibit signs of disobedience, causing them to lash out and act out. A pet sitting service is a great solution if your dog is alone for an extended period of time. At Giving a Dog a Bone, we offer pet sitting services for dogs, cats, and other small animals. Our professional pet staff makes sure they are fed regularly and have plenty of playtime.

If you are looking for a pet sitting service, or need dog walking and training, Giving a Dog a Bone is here to help! Our service area encompasses greater Palm Beach County, as far south as West Palm Beach. This includes the cities of Jupiter, Tequesta, and Juno Beach. Additionally, we service all of Martin County.  We are animal lovers that want to ensure your pet receives the best treatment. Whether you have a puppy that needs to learn the basics or a dog with a bad temper, we can help with their behavior and needs. To schedule a dog training session or if you have any questions about our services, fill out our contact form here.