The Best Toys For Teething Puppies

If you’ve ever owned a puppy, you know that they LOVE chewing things. The science behind this is similar to why infant humans use specific teething toys – it’s uncomfortable for the baby! So if you’ve got a new puppy, it may be time to start thinking of some ways you’ll spare your shoes and …

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Does Your Dog Know The 5 Basic Obedience Commands?

Dog owners know that as a puppy, dogs can be rambunxious and energetic. Before a dog reaches 1 year of age, they will be at their most excitable and full of energy. This is when pups start to learn to be a bit destructive, chewing on things like shoes and items they find around the …

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Are You And Your Canine Companion Pup-pared For Bad Weather?

Henlo, hoomin. Has you been making the pupper-ations for the sky booms? Not fluent in doggo speak? Don’t worry, at Giving A Dog A Bone we’re experts in getting to know and to understand dogs of all ages to learn how best to care and train them. That means we’re ready to translate what this …

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5 Tips On How To Start Training Your Dog

Getting a new dog is an exciting moment in everyone’s life. It’s a brand new experience, albeit a tad challenging. For first-time dog owners, controlling your dog can be exceptionally challenging, especially if your pup has a very playful or stubborn nature. From day one you need to begin your dog training to ensure that …

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