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Nothing can strengthen the bond between an owner and their dog more than through training. Giving a Dog a Bone can understand the frustration with owning a dog that doesn’t listen to you. This is why we find pet training an absolute necessity when your dog is living under the same roof as you. We believe dog training can benefit the relationship between you and your canine companion. Not just because of the results achieved through training but because of the process. It’s great when you’re there every step of the way during the training process of your dog and Lakewood Park provides the perfect atmosphere to do that.

  • Does your dog come when you call?
  • Does he pull the leash, or walk calmly at your side?
  • Does your dog respond to obedience cues, the first time?

At Giving A Dog A Bone we understand the importance of a well-trained pet. Our experienced dog training staff specializes in ensuring you and your dog have a positive training experience as rewarding as it is educational.

Training is an important part of being a dog owner. While training isn’t necessary to have a loving, well-behaved pet, it can be beneficial to owners and the dog alike if acquired. Having a dog that will listen to you is a great feeling, and at Giving A Dog A Bone, we love training dogs to help strengthen the bond between dog and owner. Training can also be tons of fun for both the owner and the dog. Dogs will be dogs, and they love being active. Dog training in Palm City is a great way to get your dog active, involved, and to make him or her

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We offer the most comprehensive dog training options in the Jensen Beach area. At Giving A Dog A Bone, being a good dog trainer also means being a good teacher—we make sure the pet parents come away with a clear understanding of our methods and their dog’s way of thinking. Our goal is to ensure your dog listens to you, not just their trainer.

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We can offer you services assuring that your pet will be treated as a member of your family. Whatever services you require, we can lend a hand when it comes to caring for your pet. We do NOT punish or inflict pain on your pets if they misbehave. We only believe that rewards and corrections are the way to train your dog. We make sure that your pet is treated with respect and that they feel safe and happy as they would be in your presence. Want to learn more? Call us at (772)-600-8435 or contact Giving A Dog A Bone online.