About Us

Here at Giving A Dog A Bone LLC, pets are our passion. We offer pet care services in Palm Beach County FL. We also offer dog training if your dog(s) need to learn basic obedience or if they have developed a few behavior problems over the years that you need help correcting. We volunteer at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in West Palm Beach FL. There we work with dogs of all sizes. We help run the weekly obedience class, as well as work with dogs that are either under socialized, have behavior issues, or have been abused or neglected.

Never ask a friend to watch your dog again, and no more dog kennels. With Giving A Dog A Bone, you can find your perfect Boca Raton dog sitter. When you book Pet Sitting on Giving A Dog A Bone, your dog will enjoy a loving and relaxing stay with us. If you’re looking for care for pets other than dogs, you can find a pet sitter who offers pet boarding for cats and caged pets. No matter what, you’ll know that your pet is getting loving care in Palm Beach County and Martin County. By removing common pet care obstacles, Giving A Dog A Bone ensures dogs are happy and well-cared for even when their human is away and empowers dog lovers to live happy and fulfilling lives. Founded on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the unconditional love of a dog, Giving A Dog A Bone makes it easy for you to reach dog sitters in Palm Beach, FL who can provide the care your dog needs, when they need it.

At Giving A Dog A Bone, we are balanced dog trainers. We use both rewards and corrections to train dogs, We NEVER PUNISH DOGS FOR MISBEHAVING, OR INFLICT PAIN IN ORDER TO GET THE BEHAVIOR THAT I WANT. There is a huge difference between correcting a dog and punishing a dog. A correction is a reminder, much like saying to a kid, “Hey, don’t do that,” or “Listen to me, you’re not paying attention.”

The cost of dog boarding in Boca Raton may surprise you – in a good way. That is because the dog sitters at Giving A Dog A Bone offer the best rates in the industry. Curious about how much you can expect to pay for dog walking in Boca Raton? Check out our average dog boarding rates to get an idea before you start a conversation with an individual dog sitter.

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