Why Your Dog Stares at You

Does it ever feel like someone is watching you? Something with four legs maybe? If you’re curious why your dog stares at you, you’ve come to the right place.  Dogs communicate with you in a number of ways so it’s important to understand what eye contact means to your dog. You can learn a lot …

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Teaching Your Dog Tug-of-War and The Benefits

Tug-of-war is a great game to play with your dog and it comes with benefits that you probably wouldn’t think of. Almost every dog has the urge to pull and shake things thanks to their ancestors’ hunting days. Playing tug-of-war with your dog can help them both mentally and physically and it will decrease the …

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Fear Period in Dogs: What to do

Fear periods are completely normal and common for dogs but can often spark fear in dog owners. You may be asking tons of questions to yourself like what is a fear period, why and when do they happen, and most importantly, how do you get your dog through them? Giving a Dog a Bone is …

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Dogs and Fireworks

With only a few weeks left until the New Year holiday, now is the time to make sure your dog is prepared for fireworks. Unlike humans, dogs and fireworks have never gotten along well. The loud bangs and bright flashes can be terrifying for dogs. There are things you can do however to lower your …

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