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Are you stressing about where to find a trustworthy dog sitter in Tequesta while you go on an upcoming vacation? Or have you been on the hunt for the right people to dog sit while you are at work? Giving a Dog a Bone is a great place to turn to when you need your dog watched. Whether you need dog sitting for a couple weeks or during the day while you are at work, Giving a Dog a Bone is the right place for you!

Great Dog Sitting in Tequesta

If you need dog sitting in Tequesta for a brief or longer period of time, the best pet care you can find is from Giving A Dog A Bone. With both team members, Joe Butler and Victoria Butler, being prepared for any situation, you can rest assured that your dog will be in good hands. Not only do the members from Giving A Dog A Bone have the experienced training you desire for dog sitters in Tequesta, but they also have a friendly attitude that will ease your mind while you are away from your dog.

Credentials for Dog Sitting

Joe Butler, one of the members from Giving A Dog A Bone, is a qualified pet caretaker with certifications for Pet First Aid & CPR from PetTech. Also holding certifications for Pet First Aid and CPR from Harmony Animal Hospital, Victoria Butler proves to be equipped with the necessary training to take care of your dogs while you are away. The main reason that it’s critical to have trained professionals watch your animals is in case of an emergency, you can feel reassured that your pet will be properly taken care of. It’s always nice to know that your pets are in good hands, so leave your animals with the members from Giving A Dog A Bone.

Helpful Qualities for Being A Dog Sitter in Tequesta

Not only will it be beneficial for you to leave your pets with trained professionals, but it’s also wise to have dog sitters in Tequesta that have good characteristics. Both Joe Butler and Victoria Butler have great attitudes and a love for all animals. Leaving your dog to be watched by a caring dog sitter in Tequesta is important because if you love your dog, you should want them to be watched by someone who will love them just as much.

We Don’t Just Pet Sit Dogs

If you need pet sitting for a cat or other small animal, that’s no problem for us. Our professional team is well-experienced in pet sitting other animals. Some of these other animals include cats, small rodents, and even some reptiles. If you’re away and own a small animal as a pet, chances are, we can look after it. Our staff of experts can watch, care and treat your pet the way you would treat them while you’re home.

Tequesta Pet Care Package

Here at Giving a Dog a Bone, our services grants customers the chance to choose one of our pet care package for when they need pet sitting. With one of our pet care packages, your pet will receive the care and attention they need through these services:

Feed & Potty Break

As you’re away, your dog will need to be given food and taken out once in a while in order to do their business. You wouldn’t want to leave them alone to starve and defecating all over your floors during your night out or vacation.

When you provide us instructions and information on their eating habits and how much food they should be given, we work to ensure they receive the sustenance they need per their regular feeding schedule. We will also let them out in the backyard or other area to allow them to relieve themselves appropriately.


Walks are the most common type of exercise you can give to your dog, and it’s a form of exercise you should give them at least once every day. Obviously, that isn’t always possible when you’re away. But don’t let your absence be the reason why your dog can’t go outside. When you choose Giving a Dog a Bone, we can give your fur baby the appropriate walks they need for exercise and fresh air.


Other than feeding and walking, our pet care services also offer playtime with pets.

Your pets love to play with you, but they won’t be able to do that as you’re away. But luckily, Giving a Dog a Bone’s Pet Care Package offers dog owners the service of playing with your furbaby when you’re not there to. We’ll be more than happy to play with them.

Extra Pet Care Services In Tequesta

We also offer extra services that can be paired with our pet care package. These services include:

Stay & Train (dogs only)

During your absence, if you would like us to teach your furbaby some obedience commands, we’ll be more than happy to provide that service. We can train your dog to be well-mannered and tamed before you arrive back home.

Day Stay

If you’re worried about leaving your pet alone for the whole day, then hire Giving a Dog a Bone. With our service, we’ll happily stay for the whole day to pet sit your dog as you’re away.

Overnight Stay

If you’re going to be away longer than a whole day, our services also offers customers the chance to let us stay overnight. You won’t need to fret as your pet will be watched and given the best care as you’re away for more than a days-worth.

Administer Medication

The expert team at Giving a Dog a bone is well-trained and experienced in administering medicine to pets. And if your pet requires medication administration as you’re away, by giving us the proper instructions, we’ll be sure that your pet receives the proper dosage.

Flea & Tick Medication

We have no problem whatsoever in applying flea & tick medication on your furbaby while you’re away. Your cat, dog, or other types of pet(s) will be kept clean and free from any troubling pests that would otherwise infest your pet’s fur.

Turn to the Best Dog Sitters from Giving A Dog A Bone

Don’t stress about where to turn for dog sitting in Tequesta or who to watch your dog while you are away. Trust in Giving A Dog A Bone, where you will find qualified team members with only love and adoration for animals! Call Giving A Dog A Bone today at (772) 600-8435 or visit our contact page and schedule for dog sitting in Tequesta!

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