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Your Jupiter Dog Walker

Giving A Dog A Bone provides the best dog walking experience in Jupiter, FL. There is no better team to rely on than the team of dog walkers at Giving a Dog a Bone. Finding a trusted and highly reliable company that offers qualified individuals for dog walking in the Jupiter area may seem tricky. Once you meet your dog walker in Jupiter from Giving a Dog a Bone, you will see and understand why we are the best! Please see below for Our dog walking prices which reflect a per walk basis.

  • 30-minute walk ($18)
  • 1-hour walk ($25)
  • Mid-day potty break ($10)
  • Loose leash training
  • During daily walk (add $10) to the price of a walk.

We can help teach your dog loose-leash training or walking if your dog knows basic obedience. We provide our dog walking services in Jupiter and throughout Palm Beach County.


Here at Give a Dog a Bone, we offer different dog walking services that are catered to your needs. Our services include dog walking, dog training & pet sitting. If you need a dog walker while you’re out of town we would love to help. We offer dog walking for anyone who works a typical 9-5 job and just needs a reliable person to take your dog(s) for their walk then look no further. Give A Dog A Bone also can teach your dog(s) basic obedience or help train your dog(s) if they have developed behavior problems over the years. Put your trust in us as we would love to help train your dog(s) to be well-mannered members of your household & society. Contact us today!

Benefits of Dog Walking in Jupiter

Dog walking in Jupiter has many great benefits for your dog. For instance, if you are at work, school, or out of town, your dog will be taken care of. Getting your dog regular exercise is great for them since they are naturally active. Your dog will benefit from being active, receive regular exercise, and will also get to socialize with outdoor interaction. Not to mention, a chance to relieve themselves and let other dogs know of their presence by marking their territory. Dog walking also helps dogs stay fit and reduces their chances of obesity. No matter what your dog requires, we offer our dog walking services before, during the day, or after your workday. We are your personal dog walker in Jupiter!

Why Giving A Dog A Bone is Your Best Choice For Dog Walking

Joe Butler and Victoria Butler of Giving A Dog A Bone aren’t just trained professionals but are animal lovers to boot. They share compassion and love for all animals. Hiring a qualified dog walker in Jupiter helps keep your mind at ease. You shouldn’t trust just anybody with your pets, which is why knowing you hired qualified dog walkers in Jupiter who are equipped with the knowledge and know-how of what to do in case of an emergency is important. Joe and Victoria Butler from Giving a Dog a Bone each hold their certifications in Pet First Aid & CPR, one being from PetTech and the other from Harmony Animal Hospital. It’s natural for you to want the best for your pets, even when it comes to dog walking in Jupiter. Knowing your dog walkers in Jupiter have these certifications definitely helps lessen your anxiety when it comes to hiring the best choice for dog walking in Jupiter.

If you are in need of a dog walker in Jupiter, then don’t settle for anything less than the best. Giving a Dog a Bone’s team has the knowledge, expertise, and attributes you want for a dog walker in Jupiter. There’s a reason why Giving a Dog a Bone is the best choice for dog training, dog sitting, and dog walking all across Palm Beach County. Trust in Giving a Dog a Bone, the most reliable company for dog walking in Jupiter. Call today at (772) 600-8435 to schedule a dog walker.

jupiter dog walker - giving a dog a bonedog walking Jupiter - giving a dog a boneDog Walking in Jupiter - Giving A Dog A Bone

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