Customer Policies

Meet & Greets-are Mandatory for all potential new customers. This allows us to interview each other & ensure that no questions go unanswered by either party. It also allows us to ensure that we are a good match to care for your pets, as some pets are particular about their human friends & don’t get along with just anyone.

Service Contracts-must be filled out & signed IN FULL before dog walking or pet sitting will be provided.

Payment Options-we accept cash, checks, money orders & all major credit cards. Should a customers check bounce, there will be a $35 bounced check fee applied to the customers account in addition to the total cost of services already owed to Giving A Dog A Bone, LLC. Should a customer bounce a second check the same $35 bounced check fee will be applied to their total. Subsequently after the second bounced check, we will no longer accept checks from that customer.

Late payments-customers will be given 10 days from time of service to pay. Should the 10 day limit pass, a $20 late fee will be applied to the customers account.

Cancellations-All customers are expected to give @ least 24 hours notice for cancellations. Except in circumstances beyond the control of either party. (For instance, if there is a death in the family or as a result of severe weather.) Feel free to contact us directly if you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice. We are very caring & understanding & are not out to nickel & dime you to death but if a customer cancels & there is no time to book another customer in their slot we will charge a $10 cancellation fee.

Company Policies

No Jerk Policy

In a nutshell, if anyone @ Giving A Dog A Bone, LLC feels threatened by a customer then they will be labeled a jerk & refused service.

Safe Bookings

We reserve the right to refuse service if we feel that there is some sort of condition that would be unsafe to ANYONE here @ Giving A Dog A Bone, LLC. Such as if you live in an unsafe neighborhood or if the clients house is hoarded.

Preventing Animal Cruelty

Everyone here @ Giving A Dog A Bone, LLC feels very strongly AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY. If we feel that a client is either abusing, neglecting or endangering there pets in any way we will not hesitate to report them to the proper authorities.

Customer Expectations

Customers can expect a friendly, caring professional & prompt service. Rest assured all personal information provided to Giving A Dog A Bone LLC will always be kept 100% confidential.

Employee Policies

Employees will wear clean uniforms anytime they are providing service to customers and/or their pets.

Employees are only permitted to use their cell phones for business related matters such as taking calls from customers & co-workers. Employees are permitted to communicate with clients through their preferred medium (phone calls, texting, FaceTime or Skype). Employees are of course allowed to make & take calls & texts should an emergency arise. Things like social calls, updating social media & reading personal emails is not permitted. The animals require & deserve our full & undivided attention, EVERYTHING ELSE CAN WAIT!

Employees will conduct themselves in a professional manner @ all times.

Employees with make every effort to be punctual to the customers house & will notify the customer A.S.A.P. if they know they will be late to their appointment.