Dog Training North Palm Beach

Dog Training in North Palm Beach

Trying to train a misbehaving dog can be frustrating to deal with. You try everything you can to get them to behave but nothing you do seems to work. In fact, the problem only seems to worsen as you try to train them. If you’ve ever encountered such an issue, don’t waste any more time, contact the team of Giving a Dog a Bone today. Giving a Dog a Bone can provide you with top-notch quality dog training in North Palm Beach and can get your dog to behave in no time.

Dogs have been known as mans best friends for centuries and there are great reasons for that. They are the companions in our lives that show us unconditional love and look after us no matter what is happening during the day. While they may show you personal affection, they may not as kind to others. Sometimes our dogs will have behavioral problems in different environments or around certain people. Giving a Dog a Bone is here to make sure those behavioral problems get resolved. We want to make sure that your dog leaves our training sessions knowing basic commands and good behavioral manners. In order to do so, we offer different training courses that help suit the needs of your dog. Our dog training in North Palm Beach, Florida will work for any dog, no matter the size or age. With our training, we’ll prove to you that it’s not impossible to teach a dog new tricks.

Whether you want a new puppy to learn new tricks or an old family dog to behave better around others, Giving a Dog a Bone knows what to do to help. Taking advantage of our dog training services in North Palm Beach is the best way to see real results from your dog. Dog training services know what it takes in order to make sure your dog learns what they need. Dogs will be placed on a consistent schedule that helps them remember what they learn and not forget it as soon as they leave the session. Giving a Dog a Bone is a fully qualified dog training facility run by real dog training professionals in North Palm Beach, Florida. We assure you that your dog will leave our care with better manners and overall better behavior. We offer different levels of training to match the needs of your dog best.

Our Professional Dog Trainers in North Palm Beach

We’d like to point out now that when we train your dog, we do NOT use punishment. We only reward and correct their behavior. What this means is that we don’t believe in afflicting pain – such as spanking – to grant us the results we desire. We understand that it can be a little unsettling to have someone else train your dog. Rest assured, we wouldn’t do anything to harm them. We think of your dog as your child and so we wouldn’t do anything to them that we’d think would cause you to worry.

Both Joe Butler and Victoria Butler are well-versed in pet handling. Joe Butler has plentiful experience in dog training, walking, and pet sitting. He’s received his certification in First Aid pet treatment and Pet CPR from PetTech. Victoria Butler is also just as qualified with her experience in dog walking and pet sitting. She has also received her certification in First Aid pet treatment and Pet CPR from Harmony Animal Hospital. Because of their credentials, you can relax knowing that both members will handle your dog with care when they train them.

The Best Traits of our Dog Trainers

Both Joe and Victoria Butler’s credentials seem like the highlight of their qualifications. But their most admirable traits are their unconditional compassion and patience when dealing with your pets. Both members of Giving a Dog a Bone enjoy being around animals. While training your dog, both members are happy to see the progress your pet makes as their behavior improves and, odds are, you’ll be just as happy, too.

Choosing a dog trainer that wants to be there and wants to see your dog learn and become smarter can make all the difference in how well your dog learns. Dog training goes much further than just giving a treat to them when they do something right. It even takes more than having the right certifications and training. Training your dog with someone who is passionate and wants to be there will always be the right way to go. When a trainer has high spirits and confidence, the dog will be much more willing to learn and listen.

Giving a Dog a Bone has the best-qualified team members and trainers in all of North Palm Beach. This is because they LOVE animals and always want to do their best to see your dog become a better companion. You can always count on the individuals from Giving a Dog a Bone to provide effective dog training for North Palm Beach.

Our North Palm Beach Dog Training Programs

Giving a Dog a Bone offers various training program packages that cater to each dog’s specific needs. So no matter how stubborn or unmanageable your dog seems to be when it comes to training, we can guarantee that one of our training programs will be able to help them.

The Quick Fix

If your dog, for the most part, is well-behaved but still has a few issues when it comes to obedience, then you can hire us to have your furbaby undergo our Quick Fix North Palm Beach dog training program. Dogs are usually very energetic and rowdy animals. On top of that, they’re also very curious creatures and love to sniff out the environment and the people they interact with. For this reason, along with their playful personality, they might not be as responsive to basic commands when you want them to be. But if you have issues with your dog listening to basic commands, then you’ll be happy to know that our Quick Fix program offers training for the following:

  • Come When Called
  • Crate Training
  • Excessive Barking
  • Leash Pulling
  • Jumping

The Bare Essentials

When you’ve just become the owner of a new dog and are in need of teaching some basic commands for your pet, then don’t hesitate in hiring Giving a Dog a Bone to offer you our Bare Essentials North Palm Beach dog training program. When you bring a new dog home, basic obedience is absolutely crucial in order to develop a well-rounded and admired dog. Even when a dog has been under your care for a long time, adult dogs are still able to benefit from learning basic commands. Also, with our Bare Essentials training, canines can learn to be more than just obedient. By the end of our training, your dog will be able to understand what its boundaries are. We here at Giving A Dog A Bone will teach your dog all of the commands listed below:

  • Come
  • Stay
  • Watch me
  • Sit
  • Lay Down
  • No Pulling!
  • No Jumping!

The Well-Mannered Pooch

If your dog is already responsible for basic commands and can listen to them with no issues whatsoever, then maybe you’d like to have them undergo our Well Mannered Pooch North Palm Beach dog training program to further develop their behavior. A well-behaved dog doesn’t only benefit from its own behavior, you also benefit from it as well. Your canine friend will become much more manageable when they possess well-mannered behavioral skills. The Well Mannered pooch is considered advanced obedience and they will be taught all the commands below:

  • Leave it!
  • Drop it!
  • Sit at the door
  • Wait at the door
  • Hand Signals
  • Sit

Common Puppy Issues We Can Solve 

As a puppy goes through their early stages of development, they are often very energetic animals. And even though their energetic personality looks cute, curbing their enthusiasm can pose a challenge. Much like raising a human child, you will need time and patience to teach your puppies the necessary skills. Some common issues puppies pose or face include:

  • Chewing things that are not food or toys
  • Socialization
  • Play Biting
  • Jumping
  • Housebreaking

Other Dog Problems We Can Fix

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” many times before. And while this is a very untrue statement, many owners accept this as it appears their furbaby is incapable of learning to be well-mannered.

Because each dog’s experience is different, different approaches will need to be applied. Your dog may have experienced abuse in its upbringing or may have been a rescued stray. But regardless of its past or current behavior, it can be successfully trained. If you are having problems with your dog some of the things that Giving A Dog A Bone can help you with include:

  • Fear
  • Reactivity
  • Aggressiveness towards people, animals, and inanimate objects.
  • Resource Guarding

Receive The Best North Palm Beach Dog Training From Giving A Dog A Bone

Dog training is important so that your dog can learn what is okay and what isn’t. Not to mention, it can be fun to have your dog learn new tricks! Put your trust in the members from Giving a Dog a Bone, who know the best way to train your dog. Ask today about the services from Giving a Dog a Bone for dog training in North Palm Beach by calling (772) 600-8435 or by visiting our contact page.