Pet Sitting North Palm Beach

pet sitting in north palm beach - giving a dog a bonepet sitting in north palm beach - giving a dog a bonepet sitting in north palm beach - giving a dog a bone

Pet Sitting in North Palm Beach

Pets help make a house a home with their joyful and loving personalities. You love taking care of your pet and want to make sure that they receive the best care. However, you might not always be there to do that for them. Everyone would like to spend more time playing with their pets but sometimes it’s not feasible. When there’s a chance you could be away for on an extended period of time like on vacation or simply be at work. Whatever your case, you’ll be in need of a pet sitting service in North Palm Beach and the professionals of Giving a Dog a Bone can do just that.

Additionally, if you have a cat, dog, gerbil, fish, or a chinchilla, we will watch them so they’ll have the best care while you’re away. Your small pet will have individual and specialized care regardless of their species. We’re your number one choice for pet sitting in North Palm Beach.


Leaving your pets alone for a few hours can be stressful, let alone having to leave them alone for a few days or longer. Here at Giving A Dog A Bone, we offer different pet sitting services that are catered to your needs. Asking friends or family to watch your pets can help, but they may not be able to supervise your pet as much as they need it. If you are looking for a reliable pet sitting service in North Palm Beach, then Giving a Dog a Bone is here for you. As animal lovers, we will ensure your pet is given the proper supervision they deserve. Not only will they be fed and have a clean place to relieve themselves, but they’ll enjoy their time with us. To schedule a time for your pet to come in, you can fill out our contact form here, or give us a call at 561-630-4846.

Depending on if you need your pet watched for a few hours, or you are planning to leave them overnight, your pet will be given the proper care at Giving a Dog a Bone. We are animal lovers that offer the best possible stay for your small pet. If your pet has specific requirements, please let us know so we can make their stay more comfortable. Here are some of the additional services we offer if your pet needs it.

  • Day or Overnight Stay – You can leave your pet with us for a few hours, or a few days.
  • Flea and Tick – If your pet has fleas and needs help to get rid of them, we’ll quarantine your pet and administer the flea medication as needed.
  • Stay and Train – Training is available for some pets if you are planning onboarding them for a few days/nights.

Our Credentials & Traits of Pet Sitting in North Palm Beach

It can be unsettling leaving your pets with people you’ve never met before and we understand that. Giving A Dog A Bone guarantees the absolute best care for your pet. Their most admirable traits are their unconditional compassion and patience they exhibit when dealing with animals. Rest assured we treat all of our animals we watch like family. When you’re away, you can rest easy knowing that we treat your pet the way you’d want it to be treated. Both Joe and Victoria Butler aren’t just qualified in caring for your pet, they are also certified. Joe Butler received his certification in First Aid pet treatment and Pet CPR from PetTech. Victoria Butler became certified in First Aid pet treatment and Pet CPR as well from Harmony Animal Hospital. No matter the time you are away from your pet, your pet is safe and caring hands.

No Dog, No Problem

Even though we are well known for our dog walking and training services, we don’t just pet sit them exclusively. We also pet sit cats and just about any other small animal. It may seem like cats can handle themselves if they are left for an extended period of time. Even though cats can appear to be homebodies and just lay around all day, they require care if left alone for a few days. Their litter boxes can become full and their food bowls empty without supervision.

  • Food – Cats are fed on a regular schedule and we accommodate specialized diets for your feline.
  • Clean and Replace Litter – The cat litter is changed and replaced routinely so your cat has the freshest potty possible.
  • Playtime – Your cats will be given time to roam or layabout in our pet sitting facility.
  • Medication – If your cat is taking medication, we will administer their medicine on-time, every time.

About Joe & Victoria Butler

Joe Butler and Victoria Butler – the owner and manager – treat and love all pets & animals the same as theirs, like family! They want nothing else but the very best for your pets and will work to ensure that your business trip, vacation, long weekend, etc., is enjoyable as your pets are cared for. In general, you can go away and be at ease as your fur babies will be in loving hands.

If you believe your pet will benefit from having someone there to keep them company, we can discuss an extended stay instead of frequent visits. We can also offer any of the other services listed above when we care for them. We’d love to be your number one choice for pet sitting in North Palm Beach.

Call us Today

Don’t hesitate to call us anytime. Your pet’s safety and well-being should be assessed at all times especially even when you’re not there. When you need the best dog sitting in North Palm Beach, your first choice should be with Giving A Dog A Bone. With the members of Giving A Dog A Bone watching your dog, you can trust that your dog will receive the deserved amount of care. To schedule us, call us at (772) 600-8435 or visit our contact page.

pet sitting in north palm beach - giving a dog a bonepet sitting in north palm beach - giving a dog a bonepet sitting in north palm beach - giving a dog a bone