Dog Walking Riviera Beach

Dog Walkers in Riviera Beach

The city of Riviera Beach offers a vast, spacious atmosphere for your dog to roam around when you’re out with them for a stroll. You aren’t always available to take them out, however, and that’s okay thanks to Giving A Dog A Bone. You might be busy with other matters that taking your dog out for a walk can’t be done at the moment. No matter the reason, you can trust our team of professionals to walk your dog any time. The staff of Giving A Dog A Bone is more than capable of assuring your dog receives proper exercise when you can’t walk them.

Our Riviera Beach Dog Walking Credentials

Joe and Victoria Butler are highly qualified in making sure your dog stays safe during walks. Joe Butler isn’t only experienced in dog walking but also in training and pet sitting. He has received his certification in First Aid pet treatment and pet CPR from PetTech. Victoria Butler is also experienced in dog walking and pet sitting. She has received her certification in First Aid pet treatment and pet CPR from Harmony Animal Hospital.

Traits Of Our Riviera Beach Dog Walkers

Both Joe and Victoria are highly qualified and experienced in dog walking. But their most admirable traits are their compassion and patience when dealing with animals. They will not only care for your pets but will also treat them the way you would want them to be treated.

Our Riviera Beach Dog Walking Services

Like humans, all dogs require the proper amount of exercise to assist keeping them in shape. But sometimes, as owners, it can be difficult to give them such, especially with our 9 to 5 jobs. If you are in need of having your dog receive the necessary exercise, then visit our book online page for a complete list of service packages that Giving a Dog a Bone offers. Prices for each walking service varies. The pricing for each one is listed below:

  • 30-minute walk: $18
  • 1-hour walk: $25
  • Mid-day potty break: $10
  • Loose leash training  during the walk: add $10 to the price of walking

If you also require that your dog learns basic obedience skills as they’re taken out on walks (such as leash manners), our expert team can train them. We can train them to do loose leash walking for whenever you decide to take them out. We provide such services to all citizens of Riviera Beach and the rest of Palm Beach County.

Benefits of Dog Walking in Riviera Beach

Walking benefits your dogs. But dog walking doesn’t just benefit them, it can also benefit you, the owner. Regular, repeated exercise is good for dogs as they are naturally active and usually energetic. It doesn’t only give them a chance to do their business, but it also allows them to interact with other dogs, pets, and people in new venues. Dog walking in Riviera Beach helps dogs stay fit and reduces the chance of obesity.

Dog owners also benefit from walking their dog as it’s great for lowering your blood pressure, increasing muscle and strength, improving cardiovascular fitness, and decreasing stress. Also because walking is a form of exercise, and exercise helps release endorphins, you can expect feelings of happiness and positivity as you stroll through the neighborhood with your pet. You can also expect a very happy dog as well. But often enough with our busy work schedule, however,  it’s difficult to walk dogs when they need it.

Even if you can’t benefit from walking your dog or dogs, you can still benefit from being at ease as your dog is being walked and receiving the proper exercise and freedom they need for their development. Don’t let your dog become inactive and let its bodily health decrease. Pick up the phone and call Giving a Dog a Bone for our dog walking services. We can guarantee that you’ll be very satisfied with the results of our service.

Trust The Best Dog Walking Service in Riviera Beach

If you happen to live in Riviera Beach and you’re in need of a dog walking service, call the professionals today at Giving a Dog a Bone. Our expert team can provide absolute care to your pets and aren’t just limited to offering your dog a walk. We also do dog training and pet sitting for dogs, cats, and almost any other small animal. If you find yourself in need of our service give us a call at (772) 600-8435 or visit our contact page.