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When you need a dog walker in Stuart, there is no better team to depend on than the members of Giving a Dog a Bone. Finding a trusting company of qualified individuals for dog walking in Stuart may seem tricky, but when you meet the dog walkers in Stuart from Giving a Dog a Bone, you will see why they are the best.

Best Choice for a Dog Walker in Stuart

If you are in need of a dog walker in Stuart, then don’t settle for anything less than the best. The team from Giving a Dog a Bone has the knowledge, expertise, and attributes you want for a dog walker. There’s a reason why Giving a Dog a Bone is the best company for dog training, dog sitting, and dog walking Stuart.

Credentials for Dog Walking in Stuart

You shouldn’t trust just anybody with your pets, which is why hiring qualified dog walkers in Stuart is important. Hire trained professionals who are equipped with the pertinent information in case an emergency occurs. This can help to provide you the relief that your dog is in good hands no matter what may happen. Joe Butler from Giving a Dog a Bone holds his certification in Pet First Aid & CPR from PetTech while another member of the company, Victoria Butler, is certified in Pet First Aid & CPR from Harmony Animal Hospital. These are great certifications for dog walkers in Stuart to have because it is relevant to their field and can help if a situation were to happen where your animal needs medical attention.

Beneficial Traits of The Best Dog Walkers in Stuart

Joe Butler and Victoria Butler of Giving A Dog A Bone aren’t just trained professionals. They also have compassion and love for all animals. This is nice to know because it can leave your mind at ease that your animals are with animal-friendly dog walkers in Stuart.

Our Stuart Dog Walking Services

Very much like humans, dogs require the proper amount of exercise to assist in keeping them in shape. But as owners, it can sometimes be difficult to give them such, especially with our 9 to 5 jobs. If  you are in need of having your dog receive the necessary exercise, then visit our book online page for a complete list of service packages that Giving a Dog a Bone offers. Prices for each walking service varies and they are listed below:

  • 30-minute walk: $18
  • 1-hour walk: $25
  • Mid-day potty break: $10
  • Loose leash training  during the walk: add $10 to the price of walking

If you also require that your dog learns basic obedience skills as they’re taken out on walks (such as leash manners), our expert team can train them. We can train them to do loose leash walking for whenever you decide to take them out yourself for a walk. We provide such services to all citizens of Stuart and the rest of Martin County.

Benefits of Dog Walking in Stuart

Walking provides tremendous benefits to not only your dog but also to you, the owner. With regular, frequent,  repeated exercise, your dog will become more tamed as they are naturally active and energetic animals. Walking doesn’t only give them a chance to do their business, but it also allows them to interact with other dogs, pets, and people in new venues. Dog walking in Stuart helps dogs stay fit and reduces the chance of obesity. Likewise, the same benefits can be applied to you during walks. Some benefits that dog owners gain from walking their pet is lowering their blood pressure, increasing muscle and strength, improving cardiovascular fitness, and decreasing stress.

Because walking is a form of exercise, and exercise helps release endorphins, you can expect feelings of happiness and positivity as you stroll through the neighborhood with your pet. You can also expect a very happy dog as well. But often enough with our busy work schedule, however,  it can be difficult to walk your furbaby when they need it.

Even if you can’t benefit from walking your dog or dogs, you can still benefit from being at ease as your dog is being walked and receiving the proper exercise and freedom they need for their development. Don’t let your dog become inactive and let their physical health decrease. Pick up the phone and call Giving a Dog a Bone for our dog walking services. We can guarantee that you’ll be very satisfied with the results of our service.

About Joe & Victoria Butler

Joe Butler (the owner) and Victoria Butler (manager) love and treat all animals the same way they treat theirs – like family! They want nothing but the best for your pets and work to ensure that you’re at ease when your dog is being taken out for walks. In general, you can relax knowing that your furbaby will be in loving hands as they’re taken outside. We’d love to be your number one choice for dog walking in Stuart and we’d also be more than happy to offer our dog care services in any area where you need assistance.

Trust The Best Dog Walking Service in Stuart

If you happen to live in Stuart or in a nearby area and you’re in need of a dog walking service, call the professionals today at Giving a Dog a Bone. Our expert team can provide absolute care to your pets and aren’t just limited to offering your dog a walk. We also do dog training and pet sitting for dogs, cats, and almost any other small animal. If you find yourself in need of our service give us a call at (772) 600-8435 or visit our contact page.

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