12 Dangers Of Christmas – How To Keep Pets Safe During Christmas/The Holidays

Christmas is often a time full of holiday cheer and peace on earth. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a safe time for pets. In fact, it’s around this time of the year that pet owners must be especially mindful of their pets’ safety. The reason being that there are numerous pet safety hazards you should keep in mind when you’re celebrating Christmas. But if you’re not entirely sure what dangers you should look out for, then continue reading below to learn how you can keep your pets safe during Christmas.

The 12 Dangers Of Christmas – Keeping Your Pets Safe During Christmas

1.The Christmas Tree

Unbeknownst to many, Christmas trees belong to the category of holiday plants that are harmful to pets. Even though Christmas trees aren’t necessarily of great concern, they are considered mildly toxic since the oils from such trees can cause upset stomachs in animals and even induce excessive vomiting and drooling. More so, the tree needles, especially if they’re sharp, can puncture the intestinal lining of pets.


If your pets are well-behaved and don’t chew on everything they see, then you need not put too much concern on this area of the holidays. If, however, they are the exact opposite, then be careful with the placement of toys and other gifts.

Toys, presents, and other festive season accoutrements that are common during the holidays can turn out to be potential choking and/or toxic hazards for pets. Toys are often constructed with small pieces that can be easily ingested by animals who are too curious. And as for other gifts that carry cologne, perfume, and makeup you may want to hide these gifts entirely from your pets’ view.

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3.Waste Food

The general rule of thumb for pet owners is that if a human can eat it, odds are, a pet can’t. This doesn’t mean that pets will stop at nothing to get a nibble, even if it means digging through the trash.

The chemicals in most of your food can induce uncontrollable vomiting and/or even cause death to certain animals. When you throw your food away, make sure your trash bin/can is completely closed and can’t be open by unwanted paws. If your pets can open your trash bin even when closed, top off the bin with something weighted and can’t be easily moved by pets.

4.Ribbons and Ornaments

Much like toys and gifts, ribbons and ornaments are also composed of small components that can serve as choking hazards to animals. When you’re hanging them up, keep them as far out of reach of your pets as possible. This may be a little more challenging to do with a tree as you may have numerous ornaments and you don’t want to leave the bottom of the tree bare. If this is an issue, just simply buy a small, circular pet fence and place it around the Christmas tree.

5.Uncooked Dough

Dough is often a popular item during the holidays. It can be used to make holiday bread and other similar Christmas treats. It also contains yeast, which is very harmful to pets.

Pets can get alcohol poisoning from ingesting yeast. During the fermentation process yeast can produce ethanol which can get absorbed into the bloodstream. Also, ingesting yeats can cause bloating, which is also dangerous and even life-threatening for animals.


Although it’s rarely fatal, chocolate ingestion can result in a terrible illness. Chocolate is toxic to animals because it contains a chemical called theobromine and caffeine. Theobromine is the predominant toxin in chocolate and it’s also very similar to caffeine. Most, if not all, pets aren’t able to metabolize theobromine and caffeine as well as people can. This makes them more sensitive to the chemicals’ effects.


When a pet ingests alcohol it can cause many issues. After intaking some alcohol, your pet can feel lethargic. They can also be uncoordinated and will possibly drool, vomit, and also collapse. They can also have low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and low body temperature.

So when you’re drinking for the holidays, make sure your Christmas booze is kept safe and far away from your furbabies.


Batteries are common in a lot of the gifts you’ll be giving during the holidays. So make sure to keep them safe and out of reach from pets. You don’t want them to chew or even swallow such objects as they can be choking hazards.

9.Christmas Lights & Electrical Wires

It’s very common for pets to want to chew on everything they see, especially when they’re young. For this reason, you should do your best to keep electrical wiring safe and out of reach. Chewing on electrical wiring can stun your pets and even fatally harm them.


Most Christmas/holiday decorations are created with glitter and paint that are harmful to pets. You’ll want to ensure that your decorations aren’t in reach of your pets as they can easily ingest such items.

11.Antifreeze & Deicing Salt

Antifreeze tastes sweet and is also very poisonous, making it the perfect trap for most pets. While snow and ice aren’t all too common in the state of Florida, you’ll definitely want to keep this item out of reach of your furbabies. And if you do live in a region where snow and ice are common during the holiday season, keep this item plus deicing salt out of the way of pets as well.

12.Holiday Flowers

Many of the holiday flowers you commonly see during this time of the year are harmful to pets as they can induce vomiting, cause diarrhea, incoordination, and many other symptoms.

Holiday flowers you should keep out of reach of pets include:

  • Azaleas
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Evergreens
  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Juniper
  • Poinsettias
  • Mistletoe

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