Does Your Dog Know The 5 Basic Obedience Commands?

Dog owners know that as a puppy, dogs can be rambunxious and energetic. Before a dog reaches 1 year of age, they will be at their most excitable and full of energy. This is when pups start to learn to be a bit destructive, chewing on things like shoes and items they find around the house. But did you know that this age is also the best time to start training your dog? In most cases, this is the age when your dog will be on its worst behavior. But that’s okay, puppies don’t know any better. That’s where you, as an owner, start to introduce training into the dog’s life. There are 5 basic commands that Giving A Dog A Bone recommends every dog owner teaches to their dog.

Teaching Your Dog To Stop, Or Heel

Heeling is one of the most important skills you can teach your dog. Whether they’re getting too friendly with a guest to your home, or they’re pulling too much on one of your daily walks, teaching a dog to heel is incredibly effective. At the mention of the word “heel”, well-trained dogs will stop in their tracks and wait for your command. Dogs with this level of obedience are always a pleasure to walk!

Sit boy! (or girl!)

Teaching a dog to sit is another critical skill when it comes to a well-trained dog. This trains the dog’s patience, which can make them much more relaxed in stressed situations, like when a lot of people are around in a small area. Teaching your dog to sit is beneficial for those owners that like to bring dogs with them around town. Whether outside at a coffee shop or waiting at a stoplight, teaching your dog to sit is simple and beneficial for the owner and the pup alike.

Teach Your Dog To Lie Down

Human bedtime? Teaching your dog to lie down is a great way to train your dog to understand when it’s time to go to sleep. This command is a continuation of sit, and dogs will understand it easily once they’ve mastered sitting. Get your good boy or girl to lie down when its time to sleep by teaching them to lie down.

Teach Your Furry Friend To Stay

Teaching your dog to stay is one of the most challenging commands for dogs to master. No dog wants to stay in one place while you’ve walked away. But, this is a beneficial command when it comes to having an obedient dog. Whether you need to go get something across the room, or don’t want the dog to rush out of the door as soon as you open it, teaching a dog to stay is very worth it. Once your dog has mastered this, they will be a Certified Good Boy™ or Certified Good Girl™.

Teach Your Dog To Come To You

On the other hand, teaching your dog to come is one of the easiest commands for dogs to master. Once dogs learn their name, they’ll understand that when you call it, you want them to come to you. Having a dog that can both stay and come is great, and is a great step in the direction of confident, leashless walks.

Trust Giving A Dog A Bone To Provide Top-Notch Dog Training

When it comes to dog training, half of the work is finding the right trainer. Now, dog owners can train their dogs, but in many cases, it’s very time consuming for those that aren’t experienced. Giving A Dog A Bone is Palm Beach County’s number one choice for dog training services. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (561) 630-4846 or contact us online.

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