Does Virtual Dog Training Really Work?

Does Virtual Dog Training Really Work?

When the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, we saw the rise of virtual…well everything. Virtual work, classes, activities, and even virtual dog training. What once seemed like a service that can only work in person, dog trainers found a way to bring dog training into your home. The question that people have been asking is if virtual dog training classes really work. It may seem weird and unorthodox, but you’d be surprised how well it can actually work. 

How Do Virtual Dog Training Classes Work?

Virtual dog training works how any other virtual class would. Log in to the virtual training program with a phone or computer and you can access dog training no matter where you are. Once you join the online room, the dog trainer will be there ready to teach. 

Most virtual training programs will have you fill out a form stating what your dog needs help with and what goals you have in mind for them. The trainer will come with a prepared training plan to ensure your dog learns what they need to. You’ll need to be present during the training session to ensure the dog pays attention and knows what is happening. 

The trainers will often use their own dog as an example of what you should be doing with yours. Not being in person means the trainer will need to rely on you to get them to do what they need to. 

Is Virtual Dog Training As Effective As In-Person Training?

This will depend on the dog and the owner. Since the trainer is at a remote location, it’s up to the owner to ensure that the dog is doing everything they are supposed to. If you can get your dog to focus on what is happening during the training, then virtual training can be a convenient and efficient way to train your dog. 

Unfortunately, not all dogs are the same, and that means some dogs will not benefit from virtual training the same way other dogs will. In this case, there are dogs that will need to be trained in person to ensure they are learning what they need to and paying attention.

This is something that both the dog and the owner need to be dedicated to. If an owner doesn’t pay full attention to these sessions, results cannot be guaranteed. 

Get Real Dog Training With Real Professionals

While virtual dog training can work with some dogs, the best way to ensure results is with in-person dog training. Giving a Dog a Bone has the expertise and knowledge to give your dog the training they deserve. Visit our contact page today if you need additional assistance with training your dog. 

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