Dogs and Fireworks

With only a few weeks left until the New Year holiday, now is the time to make sure your dog is prepared for fireworks. Unlike humans, dogs and fireworks have never gotten along well. The loud bangs and bright flashes can be terrifying for dogs. There are things you can do however to lower your dogs’ stress levels. Giving a Dog a Bone wants to provide some helpful tips to make sure you and your dog are ready for the fireworks.

It should also be noted that while there are things to calm your dog during fireworks, the best way to ensure they don’t panic is to slowly get them used to loud sounds. By slowly getting your dog familiar with loud noises, they will slowly begin to associate the noise with something positive rather than something they should be afraid of. 


Avoid the Outdoors

Before the sun goes down, it’s best to make sure you get a long walk in so they can release energy and do whatever business they need. For most of the year, it’s illegal to set off fireworks after 11 pm, but this does not apply to the New Year holiday. If you can stay awake long enough, it’s optimal that they go out once more after the fireworks have stopped. Dogs and fireworks don’t often go together so it’s also a good idea to feed them before they begin as they might not eat after they go off. 


Safe Space

Creating a safe space in your home will help give a place of comfort for your dog when the fireworks begin. If your dog is crate trained, putting a blanket over their crate is often the best way. You can also cover the table with a blanket. Make sure not to just lock your dog in a crate as this can increase their stress levels.


Keep the TV on

Keeping a TV or other source of noise on can often suppress the loud bang fireworks produce. If they can focus on that noise rather than the bang, it can keep them calm.


Cover the Windows

Dogs and fireworks don’t really mesh. Covering the windows can help reduce the bright, sudden flashes. Leaving the lights on will also reduce the amount of light that infiltrates the home. 


Let Them Roam

Keeping your dog secluded in one room is never a good idea. In an attempt to escape from stress, they can end up hurting themselves. Make sure they have a safe space if they need it.


Keep Yourself Calm

Dogs are smart creatures and they can pick up on emotional queues you give. If you remain calm when the fireworks start going off, your dog will often remain calm as well. Try not to be over affectionate as this can create even more nervousness. Acting naturally as if the fireworks weren’t going off will produce the best results.


Consider Dog Training 

Dogs and fireworks don’t get together well, make sure you’re ready for when the bangs start. Giving a Dog a Bone can make sure they are trained and ready for the occasion. If you’re looking for the best dog training there is, contact Giving a Dog a Bone. Visit our contact page today if you have any questions you need to be answered. 

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