Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is one of the most celebrated annual holidays to take place in the nation. Many patrons walk the streets wearing funny, quirky, and – of course – scary costumes on this joyous day in order to gain sweet treats that they can snack on later. But even though Halloween can be joyous for us, certain facets of the holiday can prove to be a little dangerous for your furbabies. And if you’re not sure how you can help keep your pets protected during this festive holiday, then continue reading below to learn about some Halloween pet safety tips. When you follow these tips, you can keep your pets safe and secure during the spooky festivities.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Keep Pets Away From The Door

Pets – most often dogs – can get really excited when someone is at the door. And when someone rings that doorbell or knocks, they see that as an opportunity for playtime. They will do everything they can to try to run out that door and play with whoever is on the other side. Or they may get scared and/or confused as to why there are so many people in costume approaching their territory. And as a result, they’ll resort to getting defensive by barking and growling to ensure they are protecting their home. In any case, it’s important that you try to keep your pets away from the door as often as you can. If possible, you should keep your pets in a separate room until trick-or-treaters are no longer about.

Keep Your Treats Safe & Away From Pets

Every pet owner knows that just about anything made for and eaten by humans is typically not safe for their furbabies. With that being said, your candy is made for costume-wearing patrons, not for Fido. Candy is toxic for most (if not, all) pets, and if your pet swallows a few, it can prove to be fatal. If you have a dog and they swallow some chocolate, you need to take them to an animal hospital immediately. Chocolate contains theobromine, which can affect the nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory system of most pets. When your dog swallows chocolate, they will vomit uncontrollably.

Be Mindful of Decorations & Keep Wires Out of The Way

Even though a carved and lit jack-o lantern may seem relatively safe, it’s easy for a pet to knock one over and start a fire. It’s very probable for the curious kitten or puppy to get singed by the candle flame of a jack-o-lantern or some Halloween-themed candle in general. Also, even though popular Halloween decorative plants such as pumpkins and corn are relatively nontoxic for animals, it can still cause them stomach aches.

Calm Your Pets

The most important Halloween pet safety tip we can give you is that you just need to calm your pet whenever necessary. Halloween activities can be overbearing for pets, causing them to get nervous or even scared. While your costumes are fun for you, it’s easy for pets to perceive them as a threat. So make sure to check up on your pet once in a while and give them the comfort they need. Whenever they get excited and scared, take them to another room and console them.

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