How to Care For Your Dog During Winter

How to Care For Your Dog During Winter

With the winter months beginning to bring their colder weather, now is the time we have to take extra care of our furry friends even more. A dog during winter will require extra steps of care to ensure their health stays in top shape and they don’t experience any injuries. Giving a Dog a Bone wants to make sure you and your dog are ready for the winter season. Below, we put together some of the basic things to look at when taking your dog into the colder weather.


Bundle Up For The Cold Air

Regardless of how comfortable the warm couch maybe, your dog still needs his regular walks. This is important for all dogs but it’s especially important for dogs with shorter coats and dogs who are meant for warmer climates, such as labs and greyhounds. Before taking your dog out, make sure they’re wearing something that will keep them warm. A dog coat is a perfect solution for making sure they’re warm or comfortable. This will ensure they don’t get a cold or other health problems.


Check For Snow 

After they’ve gone on their walk, make sure to check for snow that may have been caught in their paws. This is very important for long hair dogs since the snow can turn into ice balls and will cause your dog lots of pain. Trimming the hair around their paws is a good way of being able to see it easier.


Salt and Grit 

The same steps go for salt and grim. Salt and grim can get caught in between your dog’s paws causing lots of pain and discomfort. 


Dry and Warm

After a walk, make sure to dry them off. As snow falls on your dog, it will begin to melt causing them to feel even colder than before. Drying them off makes sure they are dry, warm, and comfortable. Keep your dog during winter as dry as possible.


Activity Indoors

Just like you, most dogs aren’t the biggest fan of cold weather. This can make them reluctant to go outside.  If they don’t seem eager to go out, don’t force them. Make sure they have lots of bones and toys to play with inside so they dont grow bored.


Food Adjustment 

Your dog during winter most likely won’t be burning as much energy and fat as they normally do. Keeping their amount of food the same during this time can lead to obesity and can cause health issues. Adjust their food a little during the winter and bring it back to normal when the weather gets a little warmer.


Good Recall

Many owners like to take their dogs off of the leash so they can roam at their own pace. If you do this, make sure they have good recall ability as the snow and fog can make them easy to lose. Your dog during winter should stick close by to avoid this from happening. If your dog is struggling with this, Giving a Dog a Bone offers the best dog training around.


Stay Away From Frozen Bodies of Water

Dogs love water but during the winter it’s a good idea to keep your dog away from frozen bodies of water. It’s not easy to test the durability of the surface and if they attempt to jump in they could break the layer of ice and fall in.


Consider Dog Training 

Your dog during winter can experience a lot of difficulties so it’s best to make sure they’re trained and ready for the occasion. If you’re looking for the best dog training there is, contact Giving a Dog a Bone. Visit our contact page today if you have any questions you need to be answered.

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