How to Deal with an Overprotective Dog

How to Deal with an Overprotective Dog

We all love our dogs, but sometimes they can love us a little too much. Dealing with an overprotective dog can be a headache to deal with. Your dog should protect you, but not against everything or everyone that approaches you. Overprotectiveness can turn into aggressive behavior. 

Dogs become overprotective when they spend a lot of time with the person that cares for them. That person is their source of comfort and food, so why wouldn’t they become protective? Dogs will guard the things that they value. 

Dogs protecting their owners is normal, but it’s only acceptable when you’re threatened. It shouldn’t get to the point where your dog views each person as a threat. Below are some tips you can use when your dog becomes overprotective. If your dog continues to show signs of aggression, Giving a Dog a Bone can help with specialized training in South Florida.


Look For Warning Signs

There are early signs you can spot that your dog is being overly protective. If you can spot these warning signs early you can prevent them from becoming too protective. If your dog steps between you and someone approaching you, this can be an early warning sign. They may also growl a little when someone approaches.


Keep Control of Your Dog

The key to making sure your dog listens is to keep control of them. Set boundaries early and make sure your dog isn’t controlling the situation. Many dog owners will fail to realize when their dog is in control. This is when behavioral issues start to develop. 


Keep Distance

If your dog is close to you or someone else in your home, try to keep a distance between them. You don’t need to spend every waking moment with your dog. Keep them used to being left or in a different room from you. Your dog should spend time with everyone in your household. Get other people to feed them and take them on walks so they can become comfortable with other people. 


Give Affection When You Want To

Don’t give your dog affection for no reason. While we always want to love our dogs, we don’t need to love them all the time. Make sure your dog earns affection by sitting or doing a trick. Never give your dog affection when they demand it by nudging you or licking you.


Socialize Your Dog

You should start socializing with your dog at an early age. This will prevent them from becoming overprotective at a young age. If your dog isn’t socialized well, contact one of our dog training specialists today!


Try To Stay Calm

Dogs tend to pick up on the energies you display. If you act nervous when someone approaches you or enters your home, chances are your dog will become aggressive. They will sense that something is wrong and do what they need to do in order to protect you. Try to stay calm in these situations so your dog will remain calm.


Obedience Training

It helps to do obedience training at home to help with over-protectiveness. Try to do one or two training sessions a day that only last for a few minutes. This will help them know who the boss is and will improve their overall behavior. 


Need Help With Overprotective Dogs?

While we love our dogs, sometimes they need help with their behavior. Training a dog isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s why Giving a Dog a Bone is here to help. We offer different tiers of dog training to help you with any issues your dog may be causing. With our help, we can change bad behavior. Contact us today if you need assistance with our dog training. 

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