How To Prepare For Your Dog Training Session

Getting a brand new puppy is one of the best experiences anyone can go through. Dogs are playful, curious, and extremely loving. Chances are, your dog will become your best friend and who you rely on during the best of times and the worst of times. Of course, that bond isn’t built overnight. There are important steps that you have to take to get to that point. One of those vital steps is dog training. There are a handful of commands that every dog owner should have at their disposal, as it’s much easier to train them when they’re younger. The older a dog gets, the more difficult it becomes to teach them commands and how to follow your instructions. Dog training can be a great way to ensure that your dog learns how to properly act from a young age. Before you bring your dog to receive training, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that you get the most out of your dog training sessions.

What You Need To Do Before Dog Training

  • Acquire All Essential Documents
  • Engage With The Dog Prior To The Session
  • Bring Treats, Toys, And Plenty Of Praise

Acquire All Essential Documents

Before bringing your dog to the trainer, you should have all of your essential documents in order. The dog owner has to ensure that your puppy is up to date on its shots and is completely healthy. This is to avoid other dogs being trained or the other owners/trainers getting sick. Having all your documents ensures peace of mind for everyone involved.

Engage With The Dog Prior To The Session

You should prepare your pup with some playtime and food. Energetic dogs that have a difficult time focusing on the task at hand will only make training more difficult. We highly recommend playing your dog or taking it for a walk prior to the session, just to knock down their energy levels a bit. You don’t want to completely drain your puppy either, as they’ll be too tired and lazy to train.

Dog owners should also avoid filling their dog up on food and snacks prior to a dog training session. The last thing you want is your dog causing any accidents while being trained. Make sure that your dog eats well in advance of the training session and gets to take a bathroom break before your training session.

Bring Treats, Toys, And Plenty Of Praise

This is an entirely new situation for your dog, and they might feel intimidated by everything going on. A great way to make sure your dog understands that it’s doing the right thing is to bring its favorite toy as well as several treats. You should continually praise your puppy whenever it does something correctly so they’re properly conditioned. Utilizing their favorite toy is a good way to garner your dog’s attention throughout the dog training session.

As a dog owner, there’s nothing you want more than a well-trained pup. Once a dog learns a command or a new trick, they remember it for a lifetime. This makes your dog training session important, and who better to train your dog than Giving A Dog A Bone. Call us today at (561) 630-4846 to learn more about what our dog training experts can do for you.

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