Should You Hire A Dog Walker?

Hiring a dog walker from Giving A Dog A Bone is an excellent choice. Giving A Dog A Bone’s dog walker services in Jupiter provides various pet care services. We offer dog training, dog walking, and pet sitting. Our trained staff is certified and experienced in dog services which give the owner peace of mind that their dog will be taken care of. These services are beneficial for dogs and their owners. Hiring a dog walker is perfect for busy professionals who do not have the extra time to take care of their dog during a workday. A dog walker has the necessary skills to provide professional care to a person’s dog while they’re away.

Benefits of Hiring A Dog Walker

  • Time
  • Discourage Disruptive Behavior
  • Vacation  


Busy professionals may not have time to take care of their dog. As a result, this can make it difficult to fit in a walk for their dog. Hiring a dog walker from Giving A Dog A Bone can give the owner peace of mind knowing that their dog is taken care of when they’re away from home. Giving A Dog A Bone has excellent dog walking services such as a 30-minute walk, bathroom training, and loose leash training which are all beneficial for dogs. Using these services regularly allows for a dog to get its daily exercise and attention they deserve.  

Discourage Disruptive Behavior

Another reason a dog walker should be hired is a dog walker can provide a consistent routine for a dog which can limit this behavior at home. At Giving A Dog A Bone, our trained and certified staff can provide stimulation and specialized exercise routines to decrease a dog’s disruptive behavior. Dog owners who work all day long will certainly benefit from this service. Many owners may not have time to train and teach their dog’s how to behave properly which is vital to the dog’s growth. Disruptive behavior can include destroying furniture and other household items. As a result, dog walkers from Giving A Dog A Bone will use their expertise and knowledge to correctly train the dog and stop it from continuing its bad behaviors.


A dog owner may travel frequently which will result in their dog being left at home alone. Hiring a dog walker can put the owner at ease knowing their dog will be taken care of during the duration of their trip. While the owner is away, their dog will get their daily exercise, and be able to stimulate their senses and interact with other dogs. This service will also allow for a dog to stay healthy as constant exercise can prevent various health problems.

Hiring a dog walker is an excellent service. Give A Dog A Bone’s dog walker service in Jupiter provides various walking packages that any dog will benefit from. Our trained and qualified staff are both certified in Pet First Aid and CPR which allows them to be prepared for any job. Call us today at (561) 630-4846 to find out which dog walking service is best for a dog!


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