Teaching Your Dog To Trust You

You’ve brought home a new furry friend whom you intend to bond with. But there’s just one problem, however. They’re too scared to get even close with you. And this is a case you’ve probably seen with a lot of dogs. Something so traumatizing happened to them in the past that even entering the same room with them in it is enough to cause them to shake. It’s something you’d hope you never have to deal with, but now you own the issue and you need to find a way to resolve it. And if you’re unsure of how to, then continue reading below for a simple guide on how to teach your dog to trust you. Giving a Dog a Bone has dealt with many scared dogs and know how to properly care for them.

How to Teach Your Dog to Trust You

Dog’s are one of man’s best friends, and there’s no reason they should be scared of you, the thoughtful and caring owner. In fact, if you intend on having one live with you for the rest of their life, then you should make the effort to ensure that they’re living in a safe environment and no harm will be done to them.

First off, Be Slow

When you’re first starting off in becoming acquainted with your scared dog, it’s important that you make slow and subtle movements. Before you get up off the couch to go get a drink from the kitchen, imply to your dog that you’re about to do so, subtly. Raise your hands up slowly, and then – just as slowly – get up from your sitting position.

Many scared dogs have developed their fears by living in a fast-paced environment, so by taking things slow you’re already teaching your dog to trust you. Raising your hands before you get up from your couch lets your dog know that you’re about to stand up. By doing this, your dog will live less in fear and anticipation.

Avoid Eye Contact

While eye contact is normal in human culture, in other parts of the animal kingdom, eye contact is recognized as a threat. And that concept most definitely applies to dogs. If you were to stare at your dog, especially head-on, you’re just making them more nervous and fearful than they were before. If you approach your dog for any reason, do so with minimal to no eye contact whatsoever.

Kneel to Their Level & Don’t Face Them Directly

Standing over your dog can intimidate them, so when approaching them it’s always best that you kneel before them. And when you kneel before them, kneel with your side or even your back facing towards them. Facing them forward is deemed confrontational in dog culture.

Let The Dog Approach You

It’s absolutely crucial that you don’t impose your will on your dog when developing their trust. Many dog owners forget this important part of the training process and often try to be quick and hasten the progress. However, by trying to quicken the process, you’re actually slowing the progress of having your dog trust you.

Ir order for your dog to develop trust with you, they need to approach you instead of vice versa. When your dog approaches you and sniffs you while staying calmly in place, you can pet him from the front (their chest, never the top of the dog’s head). When he licks you, that’s when he’s fully accepted you and you can start to get more acquainted with your dog.

If your dog turns their head away and doesn’t pay attention, then just know that they’re not ready yet. Don’t try to reach out to him with your hand. Instead, just accept it and move on. Eventually, your dog will learn to gain your trust.

When It’s Time, Give Them a Walk

After applying all the above procedures and you start noticing that your dog is beginning to trust you more and more each day, take it a step further and bring them out for a walk. When you bring a dog into your home, one of the first things they’ll probably recognize is that you’re the pack leader. And when they start to trust you more, they trust you as the pack leader. So be the pack leader in action by taking them out on walks. Other than having them enjoy the outdoors, your dog will develop more trust as you provide them the protection and direction they need for a stroll around the neighborhood.

Need Help Getting Your Dog to Trust You? Call The Experts at Giving a Dog a Bone

If you’ve applied all the steps above in order to develop trust between you and your dog and it’s not working, then go ahead and schedule an appointment with one of our experts over at Giving a Dog a Bone in South Florida. Giving a Dog a Bone has helped countless dog owners over the course of many years by providing them the guidance they need to strengthen the bond between them and their fur babies. If you find that you need help in other areas of teaching/training, need someone to petsit your dog, or just need someone to give them a walk, we can help you. For any inquiries, you may call us at (772)-600-8435 or visit our contact page.

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