The Cornerstones of Dog Training

While no one interpretation or version is perfect, there are some essential rules that every dog trainer follows. There’s no book of rules that set the standard, as all dogs have to be trained differently. Variables such as size, personality, and age. It’s up to the dog trainers background and what the dog owner wants out of the training, however, there are certain things you can expect from dog training, especially Giving A Dog A Bone.

Keys To Good Dog Training

  • Consistency
  • Patience
  • Have Fun
  • Be Firm


One of the most important steps regarding dog training is being consistent with the dog throughout the training process. Your dog is highly impressionable, especially at such a young age. It’s important to consistently train your dog using the same commands every time. Everything from the specific command to even the treat you offer them for doing well needs to stay the same. This also includes both the praise received when they do something well, as well as coaching them when they don’t do something right or forget. Punishing a dog during the training process will only cause it to fear and hate their trainer/owner, making it far harder to train them. Consistently rewarding positive behavior while walking them through the bad behaviors and how to fix them will end up being one of the most important parts of the dog training process.


As much as we love our dogs they don’t have the mental capacity that humans do, especially puppies. It’s only natural for them to not catch on immediately to what you’re teaching them. Some dogs have stubborn personalities that make them unwilling to learn, while others want to be playful all the time. It might become frustrating to the point of giving up, but it’s important to hold strong and work with the dog throughout their training.

Have Fun

Dogs learn much of what they do through exploration and playing, so engaging with them can ease the learning process. Turning the dog training process into a game can make the experience far more enjoyable for the dogs, and can even make them far more receptive to engaging and learning. If done correctly, your dog will associate with doing the right thing with fun and enjoy doing them.

Be Firm

One major issue that occurs during dog training is that many dog owners will give in to their puppy and reward them, even when they don’t do the right thing. This is caused by feeling bad for them or wanting the dog to not hate them. That said, it’s important to not give the dog a treat or play with them when they’re exhibiting poor behavior. This will lead to them believing their behavior isn’t that bad and can be repeated. When a dog is acting out, you need to be firm with them so that they learn they can’t repeat that. Avoid being aggressive or abusive, even when you’re upset with them.

Finding the best dog trainer can be difficult as you try to find one that fits your own style of raising a dog. However, thanks to Giving A Dog A Bone, you can rest easy knowing your pet is receiving the best possible dog training available. Contact Giving A Dog A Bone today by calling us at (561) 630-4846.

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