The Health Benefits a Dog Can Bring

How you ever wondered about dog health benefits?

Everyone loves a dog, especially in the United States. Over 65% of households own a pet with the favorite being a cat or dog. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as dogs provide us with unconditional love and compassion. 

With the benefit of being great companions, there are many dog health benefits you may not even know about.


Less Stress and Anxiety


What feels better than having your dog jump on the bed or couch and lay next to you? There isn’t much that beats it. This sensation brings us surprising amounts of comfort which helps lower stress and anxiety.

The CDC found that having a dog in your home with children will lower the chance of childhood anxiety.

It was also found that children with a dog in their home have lower levels of cortisol or “the stress hormone”. This happens from interacting with their four-legged companion.

This isn’t just found in children either. This was also found in teenagers and young adults as well.


Heart Health

In the U.S., over 600,00 deaths occur from some form of heart disease. Everyone is aware that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to combat this. Healthy eating and working out are the best ways, but did you know having a dog protects your heart as well?

A dog needs to be walked at least twice a day and because of this, you’re getting more exercise whether you know it or not. Having a dog makes you up to 50% more likely to meet physical activity requirements, reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease. 

Along with this, dog owners are also known to have much lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels which also help your heart in many ways.


Better Social Skills

Many people will often consider their dog a member of their family so it’s no secret dogs and their owners share a special bond. These bonds that we form with our dogs have an effect on other relationships we have as well.

Recent studies have shown that people who own dogs have stronger relationships with others around them than non-dog owners.


Dog Training For You

There are many dog health benefits and we love our dogs, so we want to make sure they’re on their best behavior. Giving a Dog a Bone are experts in dog training and can help teach an old dog new tricks. Visit our contact page.

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