Top Dog Training Methods by Professional Dog Trainers

Dogs are wonderful companions and are among the most popular pets to own. Their excited and bubbly personalities can win over anyone they encounter. It’s a given that dogs also have an abundant amount of energy. Sometimes this can lead to the dog being rambunctious and not obeying commands from their owner. Training your dog is extremely helpful for keeping them behaved around people and new environments. Here are some dog training tips from professional dog trainers.

  • Puppies are Infant Dogs – It’s important to understand that puppies are still learning and may not respond to commands right away. Give it time as they will grow up quickly.
  • Puppy Proofing Your Home – Baby gates, crates, and puppy pens are an effective way to keep your puppy in a safe place, so they do not get into trouble. Give your puppy safe toys to chew on and keep a careful eye on them. Removing the opportunity for destructive behavior prevents accidents, helps you through the puppy phase, and will help the puppy shake off unwanted behavior.
  • Dogs Learning Language – Dogs do not understand language right away and it takes them time to learn. They don’t understand commands like Sit, Down, or No in any language, let alone English.
  • Dog Body Language – Dogs may not understand verbal commands right away, but they can express how they feel. A dog will let it be known when they are happy, hungry, or anxious.
  • Training with Rewards – Dogs will tend to work harder if they are given a treat. This reward system can be used so the dog can retain good behavior. Once training becomes more complex, give your dogs soft treats to keep them engaged.
  • Rewarding Good Behavior – It can be easy to get caught up in scolding your dog for bad behavior. It’s important to be supportive when your dog is behaving well to let them know they are doing the right thing.
  • A Dog is a Dog – Dogs don’t act maliciously because of brooding contempt. They are just trying to make themselves happy and safe in their environment. Dogs are loveable, but just remember that they aren’t humans.
  • Dogs Act on the Things We Reinforce – Owners can inadvertently reinforce unwanted behavior in their dogs. For example, your dog barking excessively at the door, or sitting on the counters. If you leave food on the counter, it’s worth it for your dog to investigate.
  • Provide the Right Mix of Exercise and Mental Stimulation – A bored dog will end up acting out and getting into trouble. Taking your dogs for walks is a good way for your dog to exercise. It’s also important to have your dog mentally stimulated as they will become anxious.
  • Dog Walking Obedience
    Dog training can be a fun, but also exhausting. Being patient during dog training will only help them retain good behavior. Not only will they be obedient, they’ll also enjoy the positive reinforcement they receive for doing something well. The training tips above will help you throughout your dog training. For dogs that require additional training, give the dog specialists at Give A Dog A Bone a call for assistance. We have the knowledge and experience in dog training so they’ll be obedient. Contact us today at 561-555-1234.

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