Training Your Dog To Be Calm

You’ve heard many dog owners say it, and you’re probably one of them: “my dog is hyperactive.” You often wonder how you can calm your dog and it doesn’t seem that any training you do is effective. In truth, however, a hyperactive dog is one that hasn’t been exercising enough. And when you let a dog care service, such as Giving a Dog a Bone, train them for a day or two, you’ll hardly recognize them through their newfound calm behavior. But it’s not enough that you simply let a service train them. You yourself will still need to provide them with the proper training and exercise in order to retain that calmness.

Successful dog training to calm your furbaby contains two important factors: physical exercise, and training itself. While one of these alone makes it easier to calm your dog, combining both will provide the most effective results. Continue reading below to learn how to apply both of them. Through proper training, you can learn to calm your dog and live your best life.

Training to Calm Your Dog


Exercise is a great way to engage in the act of calming your dog. But does it by itself calm your pet? The short answer is, not always.

You can give your dog a walk two or even three times a day around the neighborhood that lasts 30 minutes each, and even then they can still be hyperactive and bounce off your walls. But exercise does help – it’s progress. And while they may not be calmer after the first time you give them extensive walks, it’s a first step. Eventually, your dog will tucker out a bit after taking so many walks and through those walks – and even other forms of exercise – you can gradually increase your dog’s calm behavior.

But it’s important to note that exercise alone won’t assist in bringing out the calm behavior you want. Exercise is an easy way to ease your dog into the training of being calm. This is because they don’t have enough energy left to be hyperactive so they’re more or less compelled to follow your training instructions.

If you think your dog is really energetic and you need exercise alternatives as opposed to just walking, you should consider getting a friend for your dog. This doesn’t mean that you need to adopt another pet. You can simply take your furbaby to a dog park and have them interact with the other dogs. If a dog park isn’t near you, invite a friend and their pet to come over and play. If you don’t have a suitable play area for your dog, then schedule a play date with a friend and their pet at their residency.


Incorporate these training regimens to calm your dog.

  • Click When Your Dog is Calm – Clicker training aims at getting your dog to demonstrate a certain behavior through the sound of a click. Get a clicker and click it during those brief periods when your dog is calm. An issue that owners run into with this type of training is that it doesn’t seem to be effective. The moment you reward your dog with a treat, they want to bounce off the walls again. But worry not, you’re progressively teaching your dog to demonstrate good behavior through the sounds of the click. And the more you do it, the longer they’ll stay calm when you make the clicking sounds.
  • Train Your Dog to Sit – Training your dog to sit is often the first behavior we teach dogs to do. Teach them to sit by holding a treat at the end of their nose and move it slowly back. As you do this, make the click sound when their bottom touches the ground. By continuously reinforcing this behavior, they’ll eventually incorporate such an action into their daily activities. They’ll do this so much so that at a certain point, you won’t even need to make the clicking sound to have them do it.
  • Teach Them The “Wait” Command – This is probably the most essential training command any dog owner should know. Teach your dog to wait for certain situations, such as waiting for food or waiting at the door so they don’t run out. You’ll mostly teach your dog to wait by incorporating the “sit” command. For instance, if you’re training your dog to wait for food, then you’ll have them sit by the bowl until it’s ready to be served. If you find that they’re impatient and want to eat their food right away, make sure to use the clicker. The clicking sound will remind your dog that they should sit when you ask them to. The more you use the clicks, the more your dog will get accustomed to sitting and waiting for their food.

If You Need Help Training Your Dog to Be Calm, Hire Giving a Dog a Bone

South Florida‘s Giving a Dog a Bone find it absolutely essential that a dog should receive proper training. Without it, owners will still likely love their pets but may get frustrated at them more often than not due to bad behavior. If you feel you need help in training your dog to be calm, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you and help your dog become the best pet it can be. For any inquiries, you may call us at (772)-600-8435 or by visiting our contact page.

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