Why Your Dog Stares at You

Does it ever feel like someone is watching you? Something with four legs maybe? If you’re curious why your dog stares at you, you’ve come to the right place. 

Dogs communicate with you in a number of ways so it’s important to understand what eye contact means to your dog. You can learn a lot about your dog by just looking at them. 

Your Dog Stares At You in Anticipation

Dogs will often stare at their guardians in anticipation of something happening. This can be playtime, food, or a car ride. Even something as simple as standing up can get them excited.

High-drive dogs will do this more often as they’re always ready to move around and do something. A majority of your dog’s actions are the result of what you do and your schedule. 

If there’s a certain time your dog starts looking at you more, think of anything that’s coming up. It could usually mean it’s time to walk or eat. Dogs can even pick up on when your day of work ends which can make them excited. 

If your dog is staring at you in anticipation, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. They’re just excited to be with you and play with you.

Your Dog Stares at You with Affection

Your dog can often stare at you because they simply adore you. An interesting study found that a dog’s level of oxytocin will go up when they see you smiling at them. 

Sometimes your dog will stare at you simply because they like you. If your dog doesn’t do this, don’t worry! Each dog shows a different level of affection and it doesn’t mean they aren’t bonded with you. 

Your Dog is Concerned

Your dog staring at you can often be a good thing but they are times it can be a sign of anxiety. For example, dogs that suffer from separation anxiety may notice you start to grab your keys and shoes which can make them worry you’re leaving. 

If your dog displays a furrowed brow and a tightly closed mouth is a good sign that your dog is staring out of concern. As the stress develops, you may notice they start to whine, pace, or pant.

Your Dog is Anticipating Conflict

This is the most concerning reason a dog would be staring at your or another person.  When a dog anticipates conflict it will freeze and stare at the person or animal they are concerned with. A hard stare is a sign that a situation needs to be de-escalated or else there could be growling, snapping, or even biting. 

This can often be seen when a dog is eating and they anticipate someone is going to take the food away.

Need Help With Your Dog?

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